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HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Railing
HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Railing

Wood Plastic Composite Railing

wood plastic composite railingI believe that many careful people have found that in our city landscape, many finished materials are being replaced by a new material. For example, the park is no longer a kind of ordinary wood bench in the past, but has become a more excellent wood material. Then, there will be a lot of wood plastic railing replace tradidtional handrail. So what is the handrail advantages ?

1. Wood plastic railings are better than logs, better than wood dimensional stability, no cracks, no warping and no wood knots .

2. wood plastic composite railings have a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness and other details, the color and wood grain of finished products, to give customers more choice.

3. wood plastic composite railings with fireprof, moisture resistance, not moth eaten, not long fungus, eco friendly and other good performance, lowest maintenance costs.

4. wood plastic composite railings with high hardness, long life, high strength, more durable than wood railing.

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04 07-2018