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HomeblogWood Plastic Flower Box
HomeblogWood Plastic Flower Box

Wood Plastic Flower Box

With the increase of urban green area, the number of flower boxes also increases. As a member of the city flower box, plastic wood flower box is widely used. Plastic wood box can be applied to various types of garden green space, the general Settings in the scenic place for resting and attractions, plastic wood box can also according to the style of the design need to be processed into various shapes.

Wood plastic flower box not only have beautiful appearance, quality fast but also the function of the ordinary wooden box can’t than, compared with the traditional wooden flowers with plastic wood flower box does not decay, and durable, no crack, moth-proofing waterproof etc, even in a variety of harsh environment can also be durable, plastic wood box under normal usage can be kept constant.

The wood plastic flower box with the natural wood features, to the cultural square, the park, the community add a strong artistic atmosphere. To protect the limited forest resources on earth is to protect the homeland of human beings. The flower box is mainly composed of wood plastic materials. It has different color and wood texture; Strong and durable; free maintenance; Anti – theft and other advantages, if you need more information about flower box pls let our company, so that we can send product catalog to u.

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26 06-2018