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HomeblogWood Plastic Garden Bench
HomeblogWood Plastic Garden Bench

Wood Plastic Garden Bench

Because of its beautiful appearance and strong and durable performance, wood plastic garden bench is very popular with customers. At the same time, wood plastic garden bench has a perfect match with nature.

The Characteristics Of Wood Plastic Garden Bench

It is the use of natural fiber and plastic, with special molding, with durability, non-absorbent, and photochemical properties to insect bacteria, acid resistance, alkali resistance, low cost and performance advantages. And it will not maintain itself to the surrounding environment from harm to human health is the true meaning of volatiles. The environmental protection materials. wood plastic garden bench use tripod iron castings, aluminum casting or steel structure production. Strict implementation of tripod part surface pickling, Phosphating, spraying and other complete metal surface coating process, greatly improved the components of rust prevention, corrosion resistance

The Advantages Of Wood Plastic Garden Bench

High density polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride and natural wood fiber by extrusion molding; with wood texture and appearance, abandon the drawbacks of wood; acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-moth; no deformation, no cracking, no paint do not fade and, without maintenance, suitable for outdoor use, more than 15 years and is an eco friendly material product.

Seven Trust is garden bench manufacturer in China, we have factory so the product has an affordable price, what’s more we can make into any color and size according to your requirement, if you need replace you old bench, we will supply high quality product for you.

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18 06-2018