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Wood Plastic Material Advantage

wood plastic material

Wood plastic materials are widely used in steel structure villa construction such as fence, outdoor floor, wall cladding, pergola, park chairs, trash and so on, in the Beijing Olympic venues are the use of wood plastic materials. wpc can replace any wood products. Compared with wood plastic material has the following advantages

1: the processing process, from the machine out, you can directly press type, reducing the two processing, greatly improving the production efficiency
2: more durable than wood, good stability, no warping, no wood knots, uniform texture.
3: in the process of production can add pigment, can be made into a variety of colors
4: with fire resistance, can reach B1 level. Moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, these are achieved plastic properties
5: higher than wood strength, long service life
6: environmental protection, green. Use wood fiber etc., raw materials 80% are renewable resources, reduce damage to trees.

Now we have agent in different countries, it convenient for consumers to buy locally, save lots of time and cost and we are the wood plastic material manufacturer with affordable price.

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27 07-2017