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Wood Plastic Material

21st century is environmentally friendly society, due to the lack of raw materials, so with high environmental protection of wood plastic materials appear in people’s field of vision. Wood plastic material is a combination of plastic and wood common advantages of building materials, not only retains the affinity of the wood, and its performance is also more excellent, so the wpc material has shown a trend to replace the traditional wood. Wood plastic material has a good waterproof, moisture proof performance, can be applied to the wood can not be used in the wet environment. Wood plastic to abandon the general wood have the natural defects, its physical properties more stable, in the course of the use of will nor cracks and deformation, so it low maintenance.

Environmental pollution has become more and more serious, not allow cut down trees, at the same time continue to find alternatives to wood material. Now wood plastic material is the best choice, it not only durable and uv resistance, but also longer life than wood, and because of its superior performance so it can be fully recycled after use. Its integrated cost is probably only half the wood. Although the wood plastic material with the same processing performance with the wood, its high quality and is good product for outdoor.

Seven Trust is wood plastic composite product manufacturer from China, export wpc material to various countries every month with affordable price, if u anyone interest in our product, we can send free sample to you.

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31 07-2017