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HomeblogWood Plastic Terrace Decking

Wood Plastic Terrace Decking

As we all know, wood plastic composite decking from Europe, compared with solid wood decking, wood plastic terrace decking more efficient use of timber resources, and has wear-resistant, easy to maintain and install, have rich color and other characteristics.

Today, a serious shortage of timber resources, the market of wood plastic decking consumer requirements continue to increase, manufacturing technology continues to improve, wood plastic terrace decking has been rapid development. to be one of the most popular decking products, wood decking with a natural wood atmosphere, can give people a warm and eco friendly feeling, so that it occupies an important place in the modern home decoration. And the wood will “breathe” and moisture can evaporate, thus maintaining the humidity of terrace in comfortable range, in line with the modern pursuit of environmental health lifestyle.

wood plastic terrace floor is a composite wood flooring, its surface smooth, the inner layer is made of wood fiber. It overcomes the wood floor problems, while the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance should be better than solid wood flooring, and are therefore very durable and long life, the use of life is more than 20 years.

wood plastic terrace decking compared to wood flooring, wood plastic decking more beautiful, stylish, durable and economic aspects are highlighted significant advantage, both to meet consumer demand for natural wood pursuit of taste, but also greatly reduces repair costs and to use maintenance costs, for consumers is an environmentally economical choice.

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11 04-2017