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Wpc Product Introduce

HomeblogWood Substitutes Product
HomeblogWood Substitutes Product

Wood Substitutes Product

In past we always use wood product , but now in the market we have different option for indoor or outdoor use, as we all know wood product easy crack, rot and fade, need lots of time maintenace it, so if you look for wood substitutes product, Wood Plastic Composite is great product replace wood.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) based on wood chips mixed with polyethylene or polypropylene, WPC can be used in various construction projects in much the same way as natural wood. Drilling, planing, sanding; all this WPC is done with wood as easily.

Compared to ordinary wood, wooden fasteners such as nails and screws are actually better able to stay in the WPC. When using screws near the end of the board, the WPC is less likely to break or break, which can be a common problem when using real wood.

Thanks to WPC’s specialization and customizable construction, the material is less than the average material in weather damage. If you are looking for materials that will stand the test of your next project time, WPC may be is not bad choice for you .

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30 06-2018