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HomeblogWPC Decking Joist
HomeblogWPC Decking Joist

WPC Decking Joist

wpc decking Joist

What is the WPC decking joist?

The joist is a kind of material used to support the shape and the fixed structure. The most common is the wooden floor joist.

What are the advantages of wpc decking use joist?

1. Leveling the ground: The key to use the joist is to keep level the ground, because the ground of the cement is not very smooth. If there is not flat, will occur 4 or 5 cm error.
2. moisture: In order to prevent moisture, it can extend the life of the decking.
3. Easy to install: Because decking are used nails , fix the decking to the nine-centimeter above the joist.
4. Noise reduction: In order to reduce noise, when people walk on the above.

What problems the wpc decking use joist?

1. Perishable: The joist can easily rot if it is not properly treated.
2. Reduce the space: After the joist is completed, the ground will increase and the space for use of the house will be reduced.
3. Low utilization: After the joist is installed, the decking cannot be reused.

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05 07-2018