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HomeblogWPC Outdoor Floor Not Easily Fade
HomeblogWPC Outdoor Floor Not Easily Fade

WPC Outdoor Floor Not Easily Fade

Why is the WPC flooring of New Materials not easy to fade, because when selecting the original material is very strict, the materials used are very good, the pigments used are also high-quality, so in terms of color, After the installation, no matter what kind of material will be a certain degree of fading, but after a period of time will slowly stabilize, will no longer fade.

What are the factors affecting the quality of WPC outdoor flooring?
The raw materials, extrusion methods, and installation of wood-plastic flooring all determine the quality of the product. When it is installed, it is not easy to deform according to the requirements. If the used plastic material is poor, it is easily deformed. Therefore, when buying, it is best to buy large manufacturers, and there are guarantees. Some manufacturers use imported plastic materials, there will be no thermal expansion and contraction, and deformation. The ground should be flattened before installation, and the tools used should be factory-equipped so that the decoration works well. To master the distance between the floor and the distance between the floor and the wall, etc., the installation method is not correct but also easily lead to deformation.

After installing WPC outdoor floor should pay attention to ?
After finishing the renovation, immediately clean the WPC floor. You can use soapy water and brush with the brush. The dirt can be removed. If there is an imprint, you can use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol to eliminate some of the dirt that is difficult to remove. The use of detergent can also remove it. If you want to make the later wood flooring more beautiful, you can apply it with a layer of varnish, so the later maintenance will be simpler. In fact, it is not difficult to clean, we must properly maintain It, more to play its value.

The superiority of new WPC outdoor flooring material in decoration is irreplaceable. Its high performance, not easily deformed, wear-resistant and fire-resistant, and it is made of environmentally friendly materials, so it is welcomed by many people, and we will continue to develop new products.

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29 06-2018