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HomeknowledgeBuy WPC Flooring Main Points
HomeknowledgeBuy WPC Flooring Main Points

Buy WPC Flooring Main Points

buy wpc flooring main points

Friends who have pets and children in their homes will definitely worry about the floor. The cold touch of the floor tiles is not suitable for children to play on the ground, and the wooden floor is afraid of being scratched easily. Then choose the WPC floor. Wear and stain resistance is excellent, even if the child accidentally dirty the floor. Cleaning is also very convenient. So how to buy WPC flooring?

Buy WPC Flooring Main Points

WPC flooring substrates mostly use recycle material, in order to protect natural forests, which accord with the connotation of sustainable use of natural resources and are truly complete environmental protection materials. Good WPC flooring should have all detail, name of a production factory, telephone, email address and so on, the selection of WPC flooring to see authority certification:

1, the national exemption certification, the products must be exempted from certification for three consecutive years in the country, local quality inspection at all levels there is no unqualified record, at present have different floor brands, certificates are different, make sure company related certificates.

2, the Chinese environment mark, this is the only standard that distinguishes the environmental protection WPC flooring, the same sign has the strict authentication scope, the consumer chooses to buy the WPC flooring to notice whether the WPC flooring and the authentication scope are consistent.

3, ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO1400, ISO14001 and other systems certification, through the system certification of enterprises that have the ability to produce qualified products.

4, formaldehyde is not allowed to exceed 1.5 mg / L

The quality of WPC flooring substrate is very important. The quality of WPC flooring material directly determines the physical properties, impact resistance and deformation probability of wood plastic floor. The greater the thickness of WPC flooring wear-resistant layer, the better the wear resistance. But the higher the price. WPC flooring contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, the formaldehyde release will not cause harm to the human body, WPC flooring formaldehyde emission is not allowed to exceed 1.5 mg / L.

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04 05-2018