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HomeknowledgeHow To Choose Wood Plastic Composite Decking
HomeknowledgeHow To Choose Wood Plastic Composite Decking

How To Choose Wood Plastic Composite Decking

how to choose wood plastic composite decking

Wood plastic composite decking main use for outdoor, it’s very popular in different countries, wood preservative the original use of the outdoor, low cost, maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant and simple installation, now use of increasing. Because it is an eco friendly material, many customers for the first time the use of the product, the face of the market different price of materials, we don’t know how to choose right materials,

Composite wood products look like wood product, different quality of wood plastic products from 10 to 15 years life span, As wood plastic composite decking manufacturers use the easiest way to tell you how to correctly buy the wood plastic decking.

Although the raw materials we can not see, but the finished plastic wood decking, we follow the following steps carefully observed, you can quickly distinguish between good quality and bad composite wood products.

1, The side of wood plastic composite decking: good quality wpc decking side of the smooth, glossy, don’t have any small cracks. Poor quality of wood plastic composite decking has a rough side and a dull gloss, some cracks due to poor PE elongation.

2, Look at the front of wood plastic decking: the quality of the wood plastic floor is smooth, the wood powder particles are small and uniform in size. The poor quality floor is rough surface, the wood powder particles are large, the size is different and the distribution is uneven. The two floors are put together and the difference is obvious.

3, Look at the wood plastic floor cut surface: good quality wood-plastic floor cut surface texture firm, wood powder particles are small and evenly distributed. The poor quality wood plastic floor has a loose texture, dull gloss, large wood powder particles and obvious wood fiber.

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26 07-2018