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HomeknowledgeWood Plastic Material Fire Rating
HomeknowledgeWood Plastic Material Fire Rating

Wood Plastic Material Fire Rating

wood plastic material fire rating

Wood has always been the main material in construction in China, but the wood has obvious defects such as low absolute strength, poor rigidity, easy corrosion, cracking and its application is limited. And easy to burn this is the most deadly point in the use of wood, in the relatively dry weather, it is easy to cause fire disaster, because these wood materials are caused by flammable, it is used in housing construction, landscape construction, in the long run it is also dangerous.

Seven Trust wood plastic material are made of wood fiber or vegetable fiber, a new material that has been pretreated to form a composite with a thermoplastic resin or other composite material.

This material combines the dual characteristics of plant fiber and plastic, durable, long life, higher hardness than plastic, better stability than wood, has good processability of thermoplastics and is easy to form.

Another outstanding advantage of wood plastic materials is that materials can be reused or recycled, it is also biodegradable, considered to be a promising green material.

The fireproof grade of wood plastic materials can reach the B1 level, today it has been used in many places in the market, If the purchase of materials focuses on the function of fire prevention, wood plastic materials are the best materials on the market.

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