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Wpc Product Introduce

HomenewsBuying WPC Floor Decking
HomenewsBuying WPC Floor Decking

Buying WPC Floor Decking

buy wpc floor decking

We must do a good job before buying wood floor and have the basic common sense of the wood floor so that when buying the wood floor, we will not be deceived.

1. We should pay more attention to quality not the price.

Buying material of wpc floor decking has high and uniform density, pure wood fiber, without formaldehyde release, have good moisture proof without deformation;

2. Pay attention to environmental protection of buying wpc floor decking

Now most people attach great importance to the health. The biggest killer in the decorative materials is formaldehyde. The materials exceeding the standard may cause dizziness and even lead to leukemia and other malignant diseases. So the most important in the selection of wood floor is comprehensive environmental protection of accessories, to see whether the wooden floor has environment certification mark. compare with traditional wood product, wpc floor decking is good option replace old product, our company have different certificate of product, now export more than 100 countries.

3. The wpc floor decking needs a professional installation team to install with specific installation specifications and service requirements.

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03 05-2018