Cheap Wood Plastic Composite Deck

Wood plastic composite (WPC) deck products are the dominant type in the market, although there are rice husk-plastic and other fillers, as well as produce different plastic wood versions. the main reason for its popularity is its cheap and low maintenance but other benefits include its long life and durable, as well as its termite, water and UV resistance.

wood plastic composite deck products strict accordance with the standards of production, by a machined extrusion process which ensures complete standardization of products in terms of color and shape as well as the chemical additives of systematic control. products are safe to human health without any harm.
Meanwhile, wpc products become more and more competitive in many cases, and it's predicted their share of world decking market will increase.

Cheap Wood Plastic Composite Deck Application:

1. Landscape works: outdoor decking, garden pavilion, fences, handrails, doors, windows, flower box, garbage can.
2. Decorative facilities: floor, wall decoration panels, interior panels, wall panels, stairs board.
3. Public facilities: flower pots, waste bins, lampposts, bus station, gazebo, road isolation facilities
4. Entertainment facilities: style, ceilings, tables and chairs.
5. Logistics facilities: tray, pad warehouse, packaging equipment.

At this stage, environmental protection has become the theme of social development, whether individuals or organizations are calling for environmental protection. The solid wpc decking appear, for the majority of consumers with a more diverse selection, using solid wpc decking with affordable budget and protect the environment, popular with consumer and company in the market, has become the mainstream of environmentally friendly products.

Solid wpc decking is actually a new wood decking. through improved technology and Innovation , the birth of new decking appear, through pressure treated wpc decking has a lot of different wood grain, colors and sizes. the wpc decking surface is smooth, it not only retains wood beautiful, natural features, reduce precious timber resources use. wpc decking surface also resistance and sunlight resistance, not only have better hardness, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, and flame retardant, smooth and easy to clean.

At the same time affordable budget solid wpc decking has a high elasticity, heat resistance, etc., with all the advantages of wood decking, wpc decking abandoned wood decking insufficient, but also saves a lot of natural resources,at present in the United States and Europe have become the mainstream of home decoration.

Today timber serious shortage of resources, and the market of wood decking consumer requirements continue to increase, the international advanced manufacturing technologies are emerging,wpc decking has been rapid development in the pursuit of energy conservation and environmental protection today, affordable budget solid wpc decking must be have broad market.

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